The Worlds Smallest Dive Kit


Brought to You by Spare Air®

From the people who have perfected emergency breathing, we are happy to offer the Nomad® kit with the lightweight and versatile Spare Air®. This single stage mini-regulator is tried and true. Trusted by the US Military, the Spare Air is perfect to combine with the Snorkelator® to give you some bottom time when snorkeling. Together they offer an experience like no other, allowing divers to get in the water and snorkel & dive within seconds.

1.7 Cu ft Tank

30 Breaths

Refill in 60 Seconds

Refill in Seconds

With the ease of use of the Spare Air® comes the quick refill adapter. All you need is a full SCUBA tank and within 60 seconds you’re back in the water snorkeling. Perfect when you need a little more time to get an awesome picture or check out the underside of your boat.

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